bulk tobacco
  Below is a list with descriptions of our premium bulk pipe tobaccos. Drop by, bring your pipe and sample some in the comfort of our smoking lounge.
Bulk Pipe Tobacco

24 Karat - Vanilla flavored golden cavendish with a hint of black cavendish makes this blend a cool smoke and our #1 seller.

Honey Clover - A very rich, mellow blend of black cavendish tobacco flavored with pure vanilla.

Special #1 - Discreetly flavored toasted cavendish tobacco blended to perfection with vanilla.

Special #2 - Golden cavendish tobaccos with a sweet, mellow coconut flavor.

Burley Light- A burley blend with a great aroma that lacks Burley's traditional bite.

Amaretto- A great combination of amaretto and a mild, light cavendish tobacco.

Black Cherry- Cherry and sweet toasted cavendish are blended to produce this luscious vanilla cherry blend.

Bull's Eye Flake- A spun pressed roll cake made of Virginia, Black Cavendish and Perique.

Cube Cut Burley- An air-cured toasted burley pressed into cubes.

Dark Horse- A chocolate lover's delight! A rich Black Cavendish flavored with deep, dark chocolate.

Highland Whiskey- Light and dark tobaccos flavored with Benne Whiskey. A must for the connisseur of fine liquors.

Custard- A deep brown coarse cut Cavendish with buttery vanilla.

Old Denmark- Gold and black, fire-cured cavendish tobaccos blended to provide a fine flavor.

Ol Henry- Four black fire-cured grades with Virginias and a cordial liqueur.

Columbia Mocha- A mixture of black cavendish and virginia flavored with dark chocolate and mellow columbian coffee beans.

Nut n Special- A balanced blend of golden Virginia and Burley tobaccos enhanced with toasted cavendish flavored with roasted hazelnuts.

Golden Extra- a subtle sweet blend of vanilla with the finest matured golden Virginia Tobaccos.

Texas Pride- A majestic combination of toasted cavendish with premium burleys and Virginias.

Georgian Cream- A delicate balance of Virginia, Burley and black cavendish flavored with peach, nit and honey.

French Vanilla- A double dose of vanilla added to sweeten the taste of this cavendish.

Commander's Choice- A great English mixture of Virginias, cavendish and burley, blended with rich Cyprus Latakia.

Windsor- This English/Balkan blend is full-bodied and very distinct.

Optima- Virginias blended with sweet black cavendish and mild burleys flavored with exotic rum and vanilla bean.

Staghorn- Toasted cavendish laced with mountain Latakia, and then blended with white burley and golden Virginia produces a sweet flavor and cool full-bodies smoke.

Nicholsworth- A blend of golden Virginias, burley and black cavendish with a hint of vanilla and hazlenut.

Rum & Maple- A virginia and burley based blend flavored with rum and maple.

Texas Honey- A delicate blend of black and vanilla cavendish.

Senator- An outstanding blend of Virginia, sweet black and subtle burley, flavored with creamy vanilla and chocolate.

Creme Brulee- A rich creamy texture of vanilla, caramel and honey applied to burley, virginia and flavored black cavendish.

Very Cherry- Twice the cherry flavor added to a light cavendish.

Navy Flake- Slice cut Virginias with Louisiana Perique.

Latakia- A fire-cured tobacco with a smoky aroma.

Perique- A strong Louisiana tobacco with a distinctive character.

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